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I am a geek and proud of it. I love computers and finding ways to speed things up. I also love passing my passion for computing onto others!

I am a roboticist. I love robotics, getting a computer, the dumbest thing in the universe to physically move something with some lines of code, that is pretty cool. I am an expert in Lego Mindstorm robotics and have a large amount of experience with RCX and NXT platforms and their accompanying software (Robolab and NXTG).

I am a Raspberry Pi enthusiast, I have 4 raspberry pis (bought 2, won 2). I love combining lego and the raspberry pi. I also love hardware hacking with the raspberry pi using its GPIO pins to control motors in my robots.

I am a Photographer, lead school pupil photographer. I also love doing photography in my spare time.


I am also a teacher. I have lead a number of workshops in schools organized by myself including 4 film making workshops with groups of 15 primary 7 students and I am currently running a computing workshop in a local primary school where I introduce them to MIT Scratch and then onto robotics with lego Mindstorms.


I am Dalriada Schools founder of the robotics club and captain of the senior (the competing team) robotics club and lead teacher for the junior robotics club.

We have won the FLL Northern Ireland Technical Design award 2012 and came 1st in our category in the UK wide PA Consulting Raspberry Pi competition with our pill dispenser.

Thats it, there isnt much more to say about me.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Keith Jefferies


    Just watched your video on You Tube with the USB Rotot ic arm and the Wii controller.

    I have a question for you.. What application did you use to supply the Live Video Feed. I have the Arm and Wii working just fine but can not find a good Application for the video. Also can you confrim that it is a Xbox Live camera that you used.

    Many thanks in advance



    1. gbaman Post author

      For the live video feed, in that case seeing as I was using just a standard USB webcam (yes Xbox Live camera), I used mjpg-streamer. All my work with it is based off this wonderful blog post which explains everything you will need to know. If you are wanting to use the official Raspberry Pi camera, then it is a different story. For that check out my gstreamer tutorial.

  2. Keith Jefferies

    Sorry it is me again.. I have made progress.. I have the video stream working on the robot arm.. So far so good..
    However I am getting some lag (very smal about half a second) in the video feed to the movement of the Arm. It is not easy to see from your video if you had the same problem..
    The only difference to how we have things set up as far as I can see is I am controling the arm via USB not the HBridges which i think you have (do not have an expansion board etc yet still in the post).
    Any idea ?
    Many thanks in advance

    1. gbaman Post author

      Remember what Mjpg streamer is doing, it is taking a picture, then storing it, then your computer is grabbing it off the web server. Sadly this technique rather limits your minimum lag.
      We found a few things caused worse lag. Using wifi when not near the hub/transmitter. In that setup, I believe the pi was actually plugged in via Ethernet, could be wrong though. The nearest wifi hub though is about 1m away from the pi anyway.
      Other thing is overclocking your pi, moving to a faster sd card and dropped the frame rate can help.
      We can normally average about 1/3 second lag, at good times, 1/4 second lag so you aren’t far off its limits with the pi.
      There should technically be other ways to stream it if you need very very little lag. May want to look into gstreamer for that as with the correct settings, it can do very low latency video. I am not th person to ask for help for gstreamer but chances are there is a V4L (video for Linux, standard driver for most USB cameras, official pi camera does not support it yet) tutorial for V4L.
      Let me know if you do get it lower.

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  4. gbaman Post author

    Mjpg streamer with spits out the feed to a web server on the pi. I have a funny feeling it auto installs apache3.
    I then point my browser at the pi IP address followed by :8080
    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask away


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